Course overview
This English language course aims at offering insight into 
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and more specifically English for Academic Writing (EAW). 

EAP is a broader concept that includes a range of different skills needed to interact efficiently in English-speaking academic contexts such as academic reading, listening and note-taking, writing summaries, justifying opinions, interpreting graphical information and writing abstracts and essays, as well as academic correspondence, various application forms (e.g. grants, research programmes, enrolling on a course), and preparing an academic CV. 

Our course will mainly focus on English Academic Writing (EAW) but other skills may become part of class discussion.

> Course practicalities
This is a 14-hour course, i.e. 7 two-hour classes, addressed to PhD students. The starting date is February 2nd.

The main focus will be on advanced and formal vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and syntax. Some stylistic issues will be tackled too and some sample abstracts and essays compared and contrasted.
Here is the course timetable   
    • Feb 2nd (room 3B  - Magazzini) - 10-12am                    
    • Feb 8th (room L - Polo) 10-12am and 2-4pm                      
    • Feb 15th (room 3B - Magazzini) 9-11am and 2-4pm        
    • Feb 22nd (room 3B - Magazzini) 10-12am and  2-4pm         
    • Feb 27th (room ?) 10-12am - ? catch-up option ?